Women Against “The Last Jedi”

J.J. Abrams is the latest Lucasfilm employee to assume that fan backlash against The Last Jedi all boils down to good old-fashioned misogyny. This is pretty rich considering that the most successful movie of 2017 was Wonder Woman.

Three years ago I posted a list of negative fan responses to The Force Awakens. It’s my most viewed post to date. Someone suggested I do a follow up with The Last Jedi but I was at a loss for ideas.

Until now.

While on Twitter I came across a tweet (that’s been deleted) with the hashtag #WomenAgainstTheLastJedi. The woman who tweeted wanted to let everyone know that she was a woman who didn’t like TLJ. I loved it so much that whenever I came across a tweet of a woman’s (or girl’s) negative review of TLJ, I decided to retweet with that hashtag. Then I realized that it would be more productive to take every tweet, video or article I find and present them all on one blog post, updating as I find more evidence that women Star Warriors do not like The Last JediSome of them are feminists, some not so much, but all agree that this movie betrayed everything that made Star Wars special.


Here are two articles that question the “feminism” of The Force Awakens:

“Rey From Star Wars is Overpowered and it’s Terrible for Feminism”

“Dear Lawrence Kasdan, So, You Say You Love Han Solo” (sadly this one has since been deleted, so here’s some excerpts). Update: the eternally lovely Rebel Je’Daii provided another link to the archived article (YAY!).

Here’s a little something courtesy of Tumblr:

“‘Feminism’ in The Last Jedi (Or In Other Words, How Racism Has Been Cloaked in a Way to Appeal to the ‘Woke’ Millennial Demographic)”

Stormy Daniels had this to say about Rian Johnson and his “masterpiece”.

Fix yourself some snacks, sit back and watch these lengthy videos:

This lovely lady below has other videos critiquing The Last Jedi. View them all.

Here’s a little girl who gives an in-depth look into what went wrong: 

This insightful woman suggests that – gasp! – Star Wars was feminist before Disney came along.

A woman who grew up with The Original Trilogy gives her two cents:

You tell ’em, Anna!

Here’s three more videos:

A response to an asinine pro-Solo article from Dork Side of the Force (who are rrreeeaallyyy living up their name more and more).

And now for some tweets!

So as you can see the people at Disney/Lucasfilm (and the media) are WRONG and for them to hide behind the female sex as an excuse for their lousy films is cowardly and insulting to women, particularly female fans. If you are a woman reading this and you possess any tweets, videos, Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, or blog articles that slam The Last Jedi (or any of the other Disney Wars films) feel free to let me know in the comments and I will add your work to the list. Every voice counts.



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4 responses to “Women Against “The Last Jedi”

  1. Joe

    That poor girl is probably getting ripped to shreds by immature Crybaby’s in the comments section and I read the piece on kasdan months ago was it taken down because of the crybaby fans? And their being smarts**e* about him writing the best star wars film when he hadn’t had a successful film in years until tfa and f**k him for destroying Han’s character and for thinking he’s a batman clone I know he wrote great movies but he JJ kk and the rest destroyed Lucas six-film masterpiece and vision for me the new trilogy is not canon and I liked rebels and rogue one at least they didn’t ignore the prequels like the new trilogy still sucks what they did to the EU though things look a lot better for Han Luke and Leia there despite a few hiccups (dead chewie dead sons dead wife the sith rising again including palpatine’s return) but Luke was successful in bringing back the Jedi which Disney should have done in the new trilogy thank you for your time and may the force be with you


    • Joe

      Just want you to know that what I said about rogue one and rebels is my opinion and I hope you can respect it again may the force be with you


      • It’s OK, Joe. You don’t have to apologize for criticizing Rogue One and Rebels because I find them lackluster as well. I’ve also lost interest in Forces of Destiny as well. These projects have no soul.


  2. There’s no shortage of female characters that do a better job than Rey. Heck, recently, I played KOTOR 1 and 2 back to back with female Exile and female Revan. Quite nice, if you know what I mean…….


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