Anthology Films We’d Like to See #5: ‘Alderaan Reborn’

This is a story suggestion I submitted to Clone Corridor about the continuing saga of the Skywalker family. This character has been in my mind for years and I’m open to any story suggestions.

Clone Corridor

Today we’ve got another instalment of Anthology Films We’d Like to See, this time from The Lady from Planet X, go check our her blog where she writes about TV shows, books and, of course, Star Wars. This one is about one of my favourite planets, Alderaan, and it not only focuses on a generation even further removed than the one we’re seeing now in the Sequels. It also works on the basis of the old Expanded Universe, which is fun, and I love the idea of a healer, rather than a warrior, a a hero. The story is also partially based on the Starkiller action-figure below.

Alderaan Reborn
The Lady from Planet X

60 years after A New Hope, Ben Skywalker’s daughter and Luke Skywalker’s granddaughter, Nehmiah is following in her father, grandfather and great grandfather’s footsteps as a Jedi Knight. She has Luke’s sandy-colored hair and…

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