Thoughts On The “Rogue One” Teaser Trailer


Ok, it’s time to talk about Star Wars again.

Not because The Force Awakens, was released on Blu-Ray and DVD this week, but because Lucasfilm released the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I’ve just finished watching it and I must confess, my feelings are mixed. Visually it looks better than The Force Awakens because it takes place before A New Hope. The sets have more detail and scope as opposed to TFA’s sparseness. It cast Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, which is perfect because she played Mothma in Revenge of the Sith and she looks the part. But it’s also merits the old chestnut: “I have a bad feeling about this”…

Here’s my “bad feelings”:

  • Felicity Jones’ character is Disney’s second SW female lead. She’s been “on her own from the age of fifteen”. Excuse me, but wasn’t Rey also an orphan who’s had to fend for herself from youth, and develop fighting skills in the process? Why is Disney making all their SW heroines orphans with no one to raise, teach and protect them? Can’t they come from loving families who’re very well aware of the evil threatening them? Luke had Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Anakin had Shmi. They weren’t left to fend for themselves. On the surface, it seems progressive but when you look deep down, it’s kinda troubling.
  • How much did they pull from the Expanded Universe? Clone Corridor has already pointed out the similarities between the two.
  • What’s with the “martial arts-type” fighting? Luke, Han and Leia never had to fight like that.
  • Did they consult George Lucas? I’m guessing that’s a no.
  • What lessons will be taught in this story? Does Jyn come away a better person or will the objective be only to steal the death star plans?
  • Will they introduce new planets with new environments? New aliens? Never before seen vehicles? I’m guessing that’s a no.
  • It’s an OT era story following in the footsteps of an OT era ripoff. We will see more x-wings, tie fighters, stormtroopers and imperial leaders, which is kinda sad.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until they release the official trailer to have our questions answered.




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  1. I guess having heard that some of the people who’ve worked on Rogue One were impolitic enough to openly make anti-George Lucas comments put this movie on the wrong foot for me from the very start. The beginning of its trailer, though, seemed to just sort of have me thinking “Doesn’t she sound kind of like that previous young woman who starts out as a tough loner, who we’re supposed to be seeing the further adventures of two Christmases from now?”, and there was something a little absurd and a little sad about, having already been struck by The Force Awakens as “like the generic conventional fan take on the old Star Wars movies,” getting an impression of Rogue One as “just like TFA, only with the original designs for everything”… I know the question “so why bother to extend the story forward at all?” can be answered in a few ways, but that it sprang so quickly to mind did strike me.

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  2. *Sigh* Another female with a chip on her shoulder as a hero. Seriously, is modern Hollywood that bereft of new ideas? It is such an obvious cheap idea made to cash in on feminism that it makes me sick. I can pull ideas from the Star Wars EU or out of my ass and they’ll be a lot better.

    For example, how’s about the idea of a female twin of Revan whose Petyr Baelish attitude and endless plots and schemes end with nobody trusting her, and she dies alone, a consequence of not being able to trust anyone outside her family? Or a female Jedi Knight tormented by the fact that she’s the daughter of the SWTOR-era Sith Emperor and she fights to break her father’s hold on her throughout her whole life, while using what she learned from him to try to find a way to kill him for good? Or a female Jedi descended from a Mandalorian and a Sith who can’t find peace in her heart because she sees injustice everywhere and that makes her blood boil and pushes her close to the Dark Side?

    Ideas that I can materialize at a whim are better than most modern movie plots. The shits I take in the bathroom are better than most Hollywood plots. The fact that Force Unleashed and the Marvel movies get rave reviews despite being basic action movies that rarely tread outside the safe zone goes to show how lobotomized we are as a nation when it comes to intellectual art. It really sickens me, especially since the Expanded Universe came up with better plots than these in its sleep. Like Mirith Sinn from Crimson Empire, who fights the Imperials because her family got wiped out by Stormtroopers and she becomes a guerilla fighter against the forces of Sith Lord Carnor Jax on backwater worlds.


    • Oops. I meant Force Awakens. Force Unleashed’s plot is actually half-decent.


      • One of the reasons I can’t get into Rebels is because of The Force Unleashed which I felt did a better job focusing on the birth of the Rebellion.


    • Actually, HolyknightVader999, I think Hollywood equates feminism with “butt-kicking tough chick” but they’re wrong. Your comment reminds me of an excellent Tumblr post by madlori who can say this so much better than I can:
      Yes, I’ve really lost faith in critics.


      • And that’s my problem with modern Hollywood feminism. IT’S LAZY. I can’t believe how materialistic and cheap this new feminism is. It’s not the kind written by someone who appreciates women-it’s written by someone looking to make a quick buck off of them. And these chumps act like female versions of Chuck Norris are something new. It’s like they were blind during the 90’s and early 2000’s.

        And the link you posted here further proves my point. I’ve seen far better female characters in anime and video games than the ones they churn out now in a vain attempt to please the feminist audience. I’ve seen women who can win wars with words; women who can’t fight, but nonetheless have the courage to stand up against those that can. As for fighting women, I’ve seen ones with better motivations than “fear me and my vagina!” I’ve seen ones with good stories, I’ve seen ones with tragic backstories-hell, I’ve MADE some with tragic backstories.

        I would recommend you hit up Mobile Suit Gundam series for some good examples of female characters, both fighters and non-fighters. Especially interesting is the duo of Haman Karn and Mineva Zabi. Technically, they belong on the villains’ side, but they both have noble attributes and Mineva even goes quickly to the good guys’ side.

        Haman Karn used to be a nice girl, until her boyfriend dumped her and left her in charge of a nation that was tottering towards collapse. By the time she shows up in Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta, she’s managed to pull her broken Vestigal Empire back into being a superpower, and she gives the good guys the fight of their lives, especially since her deadbeat boyfriend is on the protagonists’ side. Oops. =p

        Mineva Zabi, on the other hand, shows up only for a few scenes in Zeta and really begins to shine in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, where she becomes the hero’s main love interest and reason to fight. Her conviction to seek world peace and all the shit she goes through just to achieve it makes her more memorable than any run-of-the-mill badass chick Hollywood regurgitates like week-old vomit. Especially when Mineva’s not that much of a fighter, and she actually gets pursued/held hostage by multiple sides due to her royal status, so she had to be quite the slippery badger to get away or talk her way out of those situations. In the end, she gives out the big speech for world peace.

        There are others, like Lacus Clyne, whose portrayal on Gundam SEED seems to be the basis for Mineva’s character in Unicorn, and the duo of Rain Mikamura and Allenby Beardsley from G Gundam, but to list them and their accomplishments here would take too long. All I gotta say is, I’m really disappointed at Hollywood and at cultural media these days. And on both sides of the political and cultural battle. It just sickens me. We lost the EU for a commercialized remake of ANH with characters not as badass or as relate-able as the original, and we keep getting these regurgitated “girl-power” crap when better characters and archetypes have existed before.


      • *Nods in agreement*. I’m not as big a fan of anime as my brother but my favorite female anime characters are Miyazaki’s heroines, San in particular. I also like Haru in The Cat Returns, Satsuki and her grandmother, Sakae from Summer Wars and Miyuki from Tokyo Godfathers.


      • Well, as for losing faith in critics, it really didn’t take me long. Their critiques of the prequels didn’t make sense to me, and their critiques of other movies and stuff that I like don’t make sense either. According to these morons, the 1986 Transformers movie is worse than the first three Michael Bay Transformers movies, even though TF fans obviously love the former and not the latter. Then the critics rate Bay’s fourth Transformers movie as worse than the first three, even though me and my friends found it to be better than the first three. Then when it comes to video games, I’ve seen them shit on games that I liked, then give streamlined bullshit perfect or near-perfect scores. Then there’s the whole Mass Effect ending controversy where the whole fanbase of Mass Effect was united in saying that the ending sucks and should be changed, while the critics got together and said that it shouldn’t be, because of “artistic integrity”. Mind you, these are the same people who side with political ideologues who get pissed off when something offends them and they call for it to be changed.

        I’ve seen good movies and games get shat upon by critics, and I’ve seen mediocre and movies get high marks. Let’s face it, critics haven’t been that credible ever since they trashed the Lord of the Rings novels and called it “death to literature itself” when in reality, the books were a big hit among readers and fantasy fans. It just seems to me that critics like to make their voices as the voice of the people, even though their actual opinions aren’t supported by the public. For example, we all know how they trashed Phantom Menace and the other Star Wars Prequels, and yet today, whenever I walk into Target or Best Buy, I see the Prequel DVDs, especially Phantom Menace, flying off the shelves, while piles of Force Awakens DVDs lie undisturbed on the center of the stores. Nobody’s buying them in the same quantities they’re buying the prequel DVDs. Looks like TFA is less liked by people than the prequels in the long run. And that makes me laugh real hard about the state of modern cinematic critiques. The movies they salivate over don’t get bought a lot in DVDs, while the ones they trashed grow cult followings and get bought a lot.


      • People really need to stop listening to Rotten Tomatoes. Can you believe that The Human Centipede got a higher score than Batman Vs Superman?


      • Stay tuned for a heartfelt Asajj Ventress appreciation post.


  3. That’s probably because people hate Batman Vs. Superman right now. But not just Rotten Tomatoes. I can’t stop talking about how much I hate RedLetterMedia and those prequel-hating jackasses. At first, I thought it was all a joke,, so I laughed at their “reviews” of the Prequels, then I realized they were being serious in their critiques of the Prequels. They just left a bad taste in my mouth. Half the time their critiques didn’t even make sense, and the other half of the time is just them being either ignorant or spiteful.

    They once suggested that the Clone Wars should involve evil monster clones trying to invade the Republic, which would lead to people getting poorer, then lead to Palpatine making speeches about sacrificing for the Republic, and they tried to say that such a plot mimics the rise of Nazi Germany. No, in reality, that would lead to an Empire-ruled by Jedi, more akin to the feudal Empires of old. If monster clones invade the Republic, then the one thing standing between the people and said monsters would be the Jedi, and thanks to that, people would start treating the Jedi as gods or masters and give them more power in exchange for protection, similar as to how Carolignian nobles became powerful Feudal Lords because people were scared shit-less of the Vikings and the king’s army couldn’t get there in time to stop them, so they camped outside the castles and manors of feudal lords who then hired companies of knights to drive out the Vikings.

    Another one of their suggestions is that the whole Jedi Council should have come to Naboo to deal with Maul, whereareas the Council was actually shown to not believe that Maul was a credible threat, nor did they believe he was a Sith. They laughed Qui-Gon off for even considering that Maul was a Sith Lord. RLM probably was asleep when Jinn talked with the Council about what he encountered on Tatooine as he was leaving.

    In the end, these Prequel-haters expect the kind of shit from the prequels that they never expected from the OT. And even when the movies give it to them, they still find time to bitch. They get angry because Maul didn’t have a lengthy explanation for his backstory, yet the Empire and Darth Vader didn’t have a fifty-page backstory in ANH either: They’re just bad dudes, and the heroes had to fight them. They get angry at Anakin’s cheesy dialogue, but they excuse Finn’s, and they ignore that the OT’s dialogue was so cheesy even the actors for it were either getting angry about it (like Alec Guiness and Harrison Ford were) or were laughing it off as a kid’s film. (Like what Peter Cushing did.)


  4. You should try looking at anime outside of Miyazaki’s works. As I said, the Gundam series is a good start, especially Zeta Gundam and Gundam Unicorn. They also have examples of flawed female characters, women who were entranced by a villain with false hope, or women with weaknesses that make them more human than the cliche butch fighter girls that try to be like men instead of being women or having human emotions and flaws. Like I said, these gals, especially Mineva Zabi from Gundam Unicorn, Rain Mikamura from G Gundam, and Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED, do a good job of standing up while retaining their femininity. And some women are also fighter gals without being cynically bitchy about it.