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After Seeing “The Force Awakens”, People Are Starting to Miss George Lucas

Someone pointed out that there were a lot of negative reviews for “The Force Awakens” on So I did a lot (and I mean a lot) of browsing through the member reviews and among the negatives, something unthinkable is happening:

People are starting to miss George Lucas.

Even more miraculous is some people are starting to see the freshness of the prequels. The following are some snippets from reviews that I copied and posted here, as well as the online names of the reviewers. The italics are my comments. I don’t agree with everything said but I think this is a good sign.


“Bring back George Lucas. All is forgiven!” – magicbeatledel

“George Lucas, I miss you.” – ashsarin

“Covince George Lucas to write the stories for all future Star Wars films.” – A.Y.

“I would like to apologize to George Lucas for not giving him the credit his prequels deserved and seeing them for what they were. You at least had imagination and originality all the way through.

Long Live George Lucas!!!!” – sirfrazkhan

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this movie makes me miss George Lucas. I think we all owe George a huge apology. I didn’t care much for the prequels at all, but at least they were original and you can tell there is a passion behind the story and the film-making.” – jerodorb

“After screening TFA George Lucas made a comment that many felt was back-handed…

‘I think fans are going to love it. It’s very much the kind of movie they’ve been looking for.’

You said it George… You said it.” –  HiFiAudioGuy (This person means that TFA is nothing more than fan service.)

“Lucas Help!” – vasyatyumen

“Help me George Lucas, you’re my only hope. Be a genius like you once were, step in and take back the reigns. I don’t know who else could.” – T.H.

“We’ll have a new appreciation for George Lucas’s talent.” – aloisc

“The prequels may have been bad for die-hard original trilogy fans, but at least Lucas came up with something original for those.” – stanislaw-63299

“If that is Disney, for the love of God get it back in the hands of Lucas.” – hughmanatee-54040

(This doesn’t mention Lucas but I’ll include it anyway cause LOL.) “Now, I consider the prequels (SW 1-3) to be true masterpieces of movie-making.” – i.a.

“George Lucas needs to come back. He at least cared about storytelling.” – louidz

“We may dispute about the artistic merits and demerits of the second Trilogy but it was undoubtedly made with love.” – R.B.

“At least in the prequels we get to know new worlds, very convincing and menacing villains and climax scenes with the music score been remembered  and helping to establish those moments (now I miss George Lucas).” – V.I.

“In Lucas’ defense at least he tried to invent something new with the prequels in order to move forward the mythology…” – wulfthar

“Once George Lucas was gone, so was the vision and guidance.” – Teh Pwn

“All in all, my takeaway is that George Lucas comes off smelling like roses. I never thought anyone could make his maligned prequels look inspired by comparison, but at least he knew the difference between a story and a gimmick.” – shea765

“I have to admit in a way, I think George Lucas has been vindicated due to the Force Awakens.” – willtheresaway

“Come Back George, All is Almost Forgiven  (title.)

Even George Lucas’ Episodes I, II and III had new content for us to digest and ponder over a beer.” – peeky1

“Bring Back Jar Jar To Improve Star Wars” (No, really, that’s the title!) – johnsonfambly

“It’s So Terrible In All Aspects That I Actually Miss Jar Jar Now” – A.H.V.

“I left actually missing the genuine heart and love for these characters and this saga, admittedly not always with the most finesse and appeal, that George Lucas always displayed.” – J. N.

“Bring back George Lucas Please!!!” – P.C.

“Help us, George Lucas, you’re our only hope.” – monik2695

“I didn’t hate this movie but once the hype dies down, I think it will probably be looked on in a similar way as the Prequels. However the Prequels have at least one advantage because they tried something fresh and original. It didn’t pay off as well as George Lucas hoped but at least he wasn’t just ripping off one of the other Star Wars movies.  Personally I think The Force Awakens was worse than the Prequels.” – tom-43722

“I really wish I could have seen Lucas’ vision of it instead.” – jlseagull-jonno

“Despite how disappointed I was when I saw George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, he at least made his films with an open heart. And they contained moments that I thought I would like to watch again. The Force Awakens has none of that for me.” – jordanlucker42

“I miss George Lucas. I truly miss George Lucas now.” – robertpetersson9

“Now I’m curious to know what Lucas’s original story was. People like to beat up on the prequels, and they certainly leave a lot to be desired, but they had their moments. And despite their flaws, they still felt like Star Wars. The Force Awakens, on the other hand… felt a little hollow and soulless. It needed George Lucas’s touch.” – mblotd

“Give us back Lucas to Star Wars, please. We will say sorry for all the worse things we said in these years, but give us back that man.” – O.M.

“But the irony here is that Lucas’ prequels were more creative and innovative (new planets, new alien races) than this supposed sequel, whose every planet and creature feels like we’ve been there before, we’ve done that already (hey, another cantina scene!).” – rosebudfr

“If this was the best they could come up with Lucas should come out of retirement and do the next two.” – Darkfalz1979

“Come back, George. You’re forgiven.” – filmaxter

“For all of the mistakes in the prequels, at least George Lucas had the guts to actually develop the story!” – andrew-morley-955-593950

“I do miss George Lucas’ story telling!” – M.K.

“At least Lucas followed his heart with the prequels and tried to make something original.” – rysmith25

“If your new favorite movie’s claim to fame is ‘it’s better than the prequels’, then you obviously can’t pick them very well.” – J.S.

“George Lucas was at least trying to say something thoughtful.” – glofau

“Makes me think if we had any of Lucas’ originals releasing now, how would critics and audiences have treated them?” – A.B.(pazuzu-1)

“However, if you’ve been a lifelong fan, you will leave this movie doing the unthinkable and that’s saying, ‘I miss George Lucas.’ Say what you will about the prequels but at least he had the guts to write an entirely new story, no matter how flawed.” – spamsoft

“I think this movie is the worst Star Wars sequel ever made so far. The absence of George Lucas among the ‘written by’ credits is so evident that you might think you’re watching a movie that has plagiarized the Star Wars saga.” – L.M.

“Was it a mistake to reject George Lucas’ ideas?” – avossa

“I feel a little nostalgic for the prequels and their fresh material.” – michaeldenis

“Great film, but you can see the consequence of Lucas selling out to Disney.

I wonder what George Lucas could be thinking, ‘I created Jar Jar and they blamed me, now this Jar Jar messed and reused my story and they are loving him??'” – pipegomez

“…The lack of George Lucas is very obvious. Say what you want about him, but that man is special, he brought something unique that was even in the prequels. That special ingredient is missing in this movie.” – elpresidente-4

“In some ways the prequels were more honest than The Force Awakens, in the sense that you understand why characters do the things they do and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of the prequels.” – N.C.

“I’m surprised that people despise the prequels so much yet PRAISE this unimaginative weak rehash.” – JAB102

“…The prequels…helped create a larger world and a larger context.” – powerful_jedi

“It was a mistake to not allow Lucas to direct.” – ssimon55

“Suddenly the prequel trilogy doesn’t look that bad.” – F.C.

“I miss Lucas, wooden dialogues and all…” – AlanaJedi

“Lucas’ prequel trilogy gave us something new, a lot of which didn’t work. But at least it was new! Those films felt more compelling than this one.” – tgrock

“This movie needed to have more George Lucas.” – R.Z.

“For me Episodes 1 to 3 were superior and had a unique story at least.” – TheJediNight

“This movie just does not have the George Lucas touch, it is another mainstream Disney family action movie.” – the_real_smile

“The sad thing is, at any rate, that I truly believe that had George Lucas created this same crushing disappointment of a film, he would never have seen the end of the censure.

Yes, The Force Awakens is garbage, and the best thing I can say of it is that it has given me a newfound greater appreciation for George Lucas’ deeply flawed, but heartfelt and genuinely moving prequel trilogy, and the inescapable genius of his vision which has no place near Disney’s thoughtless, soulless, assembly line movie-making.” – ian32353

“Never would I have imagined Episode VII would be worse than the prequels. I was wrong. Forgive me George Lucas.” – alberator

“Lucas at least had the balls to explore new terrain… ALL the prequels were new, ACTUALLY new, movies.” – buggy3001

“Made me like the prequels so much more…” – lance752

“At least the prequels had originality if nothing else.” – rick-58826

“Two weeks prior to the premiere, I watched the George Lucas interview after he watched the complete version and in which you could read the disappointment on his face. I said to myself that it can’t be true, he’s just old and crazy, but after I have watched it myself, I completely feel his pain.” – MisterHOH

“Been waiting to say this a long time…THE PREQUELS WERE WAY BETTER!!!

And maybe the people that still keep talking down the prequels can focus on hating this movie instead?” – megatronxxi

“Such spirits live on for the whole original trilogies, and in prequels as well. Don’t get me wrong. I also think prequels were bad movies and George Lucas was somewhat to be blamed for such failures. But they were original, with new spaceship designs, new stories, new alien worlds and species that expanded the Star Wars Universe. Everyone of his episodes, whether bad or good, worked to expend our imagination and acknowledge how we can incorporate our own ideas to the movies. This is proved by how many Star Wars dedicated novels and games (we call it Expanded Universe, or EU) are contributed by the fans, continually expanding our imagination with novelty.

Prequels were bad because of Lucas’ poor directing (which he acknowledged), poor scripts and overuse of CGs, not because of his stories and ideas.

Some reviewers commented “the magic is back!” No. This only confirmed how great George Lucas’ ambition was when he started the Star Wars franchise, and the death of magic Lucas created for us.” – kyw0277

“J.J. You, sir… have officially done what many say Lucas did but truly did not. You have murdered, butchered, and mutilated whatever was left of Star Wars. You, sir. Finally did it. You killed Star Wars and its soul.” – angiris

“On some levels I think I even preferred The Phantom Menace. It’s hard to believe now, but at least it introduced groundbreaking special effects and had moments of genuine excitement. McGregor and Neeson were convincing and very watchable together. ” – mankind-photo

“I wanted so badly to love this movie. But now I feel like I owe George Lucas a huge apology. At least Lucas tried to do an original story in his prequels. At least he allowed the characters to evolve.” – fyreflye-93363

“But my feeling is that the spirituality of Lucas’ films doesn’t fit into today’s mainstream anymore. After all, the whole point was that if you get tainted by the dark side there’s no going back. Now try to match this with the recent ‘we have to ignore our values to save them’ politics. Anakin’s fall in Eps 1-3 was a comment on our real world that Disney wasn’t likely to continue.” – Big Brother

“For me the George Lucas’ Star Wars are over.” – dimtabakov

“So This Is How Creativity Dies … With Thunderous Applause (title)

George Lucas at least showed us new planets or environments in the prequels which we could look at in awe.” – invisibleman-1

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Lucas would have done a much better movie than this one.” – T.A.

“I wish Lucas could do episode 8 *sigh*.” – wolfpup3

“The main reason for the success of the Star Wars series has been the guiding hand of George Lucas. With Disney in control instead of George Lucas, Star Wars has now become nothing more than just another kid’s show.” – game-seller

” There is still more heart in the single scene in Episode 2 in which a young Boba Fett alone on the deserted battlefield, cradles his father’s severed head, than in this entire movie.” – Cassandra-94509

“GEORGE LUCAS needs to come back and direct his movies…I’d say ‘Bring back George Lucas!!!’ not the same without him…- kknight1974

“And honestly, I missed George. George’s world had its problems but at least it was coherent and interesting, not just a random collection of old, recycled favorites thrown together in the most marketable bundle possible. We got rid of George Lucas and now we have a fatherless franchise.” – J.D.

“I would rather watch the previous 6 episodes again than watch this one for a second time.” – alanlee-84230

“99% of the production value was spent on replicating that original 70’s look (where even Lucas decided to go with something fresher)…” – zwerg105

“To be honest I’d love to know what George Lucas had in mind for episodes 7-9.” – pjvanes69

“I would love to hear George’s honest thoughts on this film although I’m sure Disney will have muting clause in the contract somewhere.” – A.H.

“Even if you hated the prequels, after this movie you want Lucas to come back, declare ‘The Force Awakens’ non-canon and film an alternative Star Wars VII.” – knnknn

“At least Lucas had a vision for the prequels. This movie lacks heart and vision which ultimately makes it unwatchable and boring.” – The_Legend3

“Say what you want about Lucas, but he knows how to build a climax.” – M.B.

“It’s safe to say no George Lucas, no Star Wars…and saying this I stop being a fan for this money machine until Lucas comes back.” – J.M.

“The prequels were maligned (I didn’t like them), but at least they had a plot and took us to new places. Come back George and help save this mess!” – Icedjw

“The prequels might have been bad Star Wars movies but they were Star Wars movies in heart and soul.

The leading thread in The Force Awakens is milking George Lucas’ creation for money. Unlike the creator, Abrams had no message he needed telling.” – D.D.S.S.

“The three prequels may have had their faults but at least brought something new, a darker and more dramatic tone which accentuated the contrast between good and evil. What made them fail was that Lucas also tried to keep the naive positivity and childish sense of humor of 4-5, which were OK in 4-5 but resulted in a lack of cohesion in 1-3. But at least he tried to innovate, like an artist should do.

Lucas may have made mistakes, but he always experimented and innovated, and I respect him for this.” – altersaege

“This would not have been the movie put forth by George Lucas by any means and the movie itself does not follow Star Wars protocol.

Thank you George for episodes 1-6!” – mji71

“I walked out of the theater and into the lobby. I stopped by the poster and stared at it. I honestly was void of any thoughts let alone words. I walked out of the theater to my car, opened it, got in, then stared at the parking lot. I finally asked myself why I felt as though I hadn’t seen it yet. Maybe I was becoming burned out on Star Wars. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just I expected…..I don’t know…..maybe…..

……….the strangest sensation came over me suddenly, I felt compelled to watch the prequels, ONLY the prequels, 1, 2 and 3!! I wanted to watch them, I NEEDED to watch them. This sensation quickly became a number one top priority!! I don’t know why, but it had to be immediately!! Then I thought, YouTube, yeah! I quickly typed, Anakin Vs. Obi Wan…..there I was, watching Episode 3 and the final battle on my tiny phone. John Williams iconic musical score blasted from it, both actors are thrilling, at each other’s throats, the fire planet, a breathtaking set piece beautifully digitally animated, the story is suspenseful as hell. The tension is emotionally supercharged!!! After that I brought up Yoda Vs. the Emperor; same reaction (and Yoda was entirely CGI)!!! Then the Pod race in 1; same thing…..then Obi Wan Vs. Jango Fett in 2; superb!!!

I then realized why VII left me so emotionless, because there was no George Lucas. His film making magic is what was missing. His gift for genuine emotion, suspense, originality and storytelling is nowhere to be found. VII opened my mind’s eye to something. I always said that the prequels were so bad. They weren’t. I was wrong. George, I owe you an apology. Those individual pieces on my phone was a hundred times more entertaining than the big screen full movie of VII. That’s pretty bad.

What VII did for me: Give those prequels the proper credit they most certainly deserved. Any up front flaws that those prequels had can be respectfully disregarded, they were damn good films. When I got home I rewatched all three of them, they’re awesome!

Disney, J.J., if this is the best you can do then give it up now. Lucas is way out of your league. You do not have the Star Wars magic.” – misties

“It left me feeling numb. It left me missing George Lucas.” – jhanlon-12011

“I now see that George Lucas was right, the madness is in the detail. 3 films dedicated (plus the animated series) to showing us Anakin’s decent into the dark side now looks time well spent when compared to this slingshot around the sun.” – jez-28621

“One thing Lucas did great in the prequels is taking us to different planets and really showed how unique each environment was. We didn’t get that at all with Episode 7.” – dm-56199

“George Lucas: The Innovator (title) 

…the fact that a lot of people consider this a remake and not a sequel is bad in my opinion. Was that really all people wanted? Was that why the prequels were SO HATED, because they tried something new?… this is also a testament to the movie industry that we just want the same thing, because it feels familiar and we don’t have to question anything. If this movie did one thing it made me appreciate what George Lucas tried to do, maybe not in all ways succeed, but at least try.” – N.J.

“Star Wars is dead but we will always have 6 fantastic pieces of art. I miss you so much George. I’m sorry.” – J.L.

“I will have to agree with Lucas. This film without him is nothing: junk, junk, junk.” – alvydasjokubauskas

“The prequel trilogy’s main problem was that it entirely depended on CGI which made it unbelievable, but in many respects was way better than this new installment. At least there was a new story.” – godsnames

“Lucas Did It Way Way Better” – markaurelianus

“Why oh why couldn’t Disney actually make a movie of the existing stories that George Lucas already wrote decades ago and had also already made scripts of?” – eldydor

“I think old George had a good laugh. He sold Disney a recipe for millions of dollars, knowing they can’t cook. Brilliant man!”-razblizz

“Nothing close to any of the Star Wars directed by Lucas.” – ironhorsegladiator

“Because of this movie, I miss George Lucas so much.

No George Lucas, no Star Wars.” – gimlikos

“The prequels were bad but at least they didn’t insult my intelligence by making an Avengers style film with a Star Wars skin. Who would have thought I would have a new appreciation for the prequels after walking out of this movie.” – NessFromOnett

“To me this whole thing boils down to opposites as follows: George Lucas always had a story to tell. He built worlds. He populated them with animals and birds and history. He respected his characters and knew the audience wanted them to triumph. Disney and Abrams had no story to tell (they just want to make money)…

George Lucas had a sense of history to his story. This one does not.” – torifelstead

“…the reason Star Wars is so popular is because one guy decided to risk, mixing art with pop culture and risked again years later, introducing Shakespearean moral themes, deliberately strange dialogue reflecting Homer’s techniques used in his epics to convey “hidden” messages to further emphasize the passive precognition of the Jedi. Not all the risks pay off or are noticed. Still, an artist takes those risks, and for that I am grateful they were taken by Lucas.” – E.Z.

“I would just like to apologise to George Lucas. Before I saw The Force Awakens I was happy he was not involved. Now I realise Lucas losing creative control is probably the worst thing that could have happened to Star Wars.” – jasonjay100

“If you see beyond the big budget it is the same movie and lacking the magic of Lucas.” – N.U.

“Even the prequel episodes to the originals were better than this piece of junk.” – Sinbad theSailor

“For me, Star Wars will just consist of George Lucas’ parts from now on, pretending this last movie never happened.” – Nikopolous

“The prequels were pretty bad, but there’s at least one thing they did better: that majestic, grand SW-feeling.” – Zippo_123

“For those who are sad, and even think that VII ruined all of Star Wars for you, remember this. Lucas was not involved. He didn’t help direct it. He didn’t write it. He didn’t even co-write it. All of his ideas were ‘poo poed’ by Disney so he backed out. To me, this places Episode VII outside the canon of Star Wars. Big money can slap the title on the film, but if the father of Star Wars had no say in it, it’s not canon.” – wes-29182

“I really do hope, George Lucas buys back the franchise, disavows this film, and makes a proper one.” – G.T.

“All Is Forgiven, George (title)

We all took George Lucas for granted when we saw the prequels. We saw the flaws and didn’t appreciate the brilliant story beneath the surface, the original characters, ships and locations. TFA stands in stark contrast to GL’s brilliance… a pointless, corporate, plagiarised piece of unimaginative rubbish.” – C.C.

“When George Lucas was involved, you could tell that he was involved. Now, with J.J Abrams at the helm, it doesn’t even feel like Star Wars anymore.” – UntamedRomance

“I never thought I’d think these treacherous thoughts after midichloreans and Jar Jar, but I kinda miss Lucas.” – C.J.

“Prequels Did It Better” – C.A.

“Bring back George Lucas. At least he came out with some original ideas. They may not have all worked but at least he had the guts to try something new!” – sanjk75

“Bring Back George Lucas! (title)

I for one…believe the whole franchise would have been better off under Lucas’s guidance.” – Star Master

“To recycle old ideas is an insult to George Lucas, the fans, and the saga.” – dturov

“Anyway, I am sorry I blamed Lucas for Ep.1-3. It turned out they were great, compared to this thing, whatever this thing is.” – Marko10

(I post this one because I find it interesting. This reviewer believes that beneath the diverse casting, The Force Awakens is another variation on the white savior story. Finn escapes from the white-led First Order and always has to be saved by a white character.) “People have praised the film for addressing the (perceived) racial and gender inequality of the original trilogy. But in both the originals and the prequels you had strong black portrayal (Lando in the originals and Mace Windu in the prequels who were also strong characters in positions of authority and leadership). So the original films were much more progressive and far less racist than this film.” – cvonbarron

“I Owe ‘The Phantom Menace’ An Apology (title)

I honestly think it is even worse than the prequel series. Yes, those were awful, but at least they had ambition – they tried to forge ahead, and add substance to the universe. TFA does not. It lives like a parasite on the universe created by the original trilogy.” – drivein s4turday

“After watching the 7th film of Star Wars, I came to the conclusion that George Lucas would have done better. It was good but it could have been better.

We can only hope that George comes back to the Light Side and takes Star Wars away from the hands of Disney. May the Force be with George!” – S.B.

“There’s a lot that has been said about George Lucas in the last forty years, but there’s one thing that can’t be denied: he had imagination.

The prequel trilogy was a misstep in a lot of aspects, but at least George tried to innovate and create something new. The Force Awakens however is a big step backwards.” – imdboudewijn

“Whatever one thinks of I-III, at least they were original; new story lines, new weapons, species. The villains were complex, credible and weighty; Palpatine, Count Dooku. Palpatine played 3-4 sides against each other.” – chumbywhumba

(I love this one because it’s the first review to take a swipe at a certain famous spoiled brat. Seriously, J.J., if you already had Kasdan as a co-writer why did you ask someone who wasn’t even involved in the OT’s production to give creative input? Over Lucas.) “Under Disney ownership and with hacks such as JJ Abrams (with creative input from Simon Pegg…God help us) at the helm now, unfortunately Star Wars has been reduced to yet another Transformers/Marvel mindless action, zero plot franchise designed purely to reach the widest possible audience.

But without Lucas, it’s just spaceships and lasers.” – aveivers

“Please bring back Jar Jar! He was a much better character than any of the ones Disney added!” – G.O.

“Makes me appreciate the prequels just a little bit more. Although they were terrible movies, they brought tons of new stuff to the table. I can’t think of anything original, this movie has brought, and lemme tell you: IT FEELS FRIGGIN’ DEPRESSING!” – martyaxwar

“There was nothing, absolutely nothing in the story of this movie that somehow expands or builds the Star Wars storyline. Even though episodes 1-3 were awful and wooden, at least George Lucas was trying something.” – jonnev-933-918325

“I would suggest J.J. to use George Lucas for the next episode but as they are already producing Episode 9 while the Force Awakens is still available in theaters, I think we will enjoy another epic failure. George, Come Back!” – A.E.

“I was not surprised when this ‘Little Mermaid II in space’ was received as a masterpiece by the so-called ‘fans’, roughly the same people who called Avatar ‘Pocahontas in space’. Their criticism towards George Lucas’s prequels and their irrational hatred of Jar Jar probably blinded them to their own double standards. When a director decides an extra movie will do a book more justice in an adaptation they immediately have the word ‘capitalist’ ready but when a movie obviously recycles a previous success for commercial reasons it is a masterpiece?

Once you could no longer avoid the black plot holes in the story I realized that copying the plot elements from the very first Star Wars movie keeps you warm and fuzzy for a while until you sense the absence of lore, a political background and pretty much everything that made Star Wars Star Wars. I call it: the Lucas touch, which is in my opinion the core ingredient to what Star Wars REALLY is, not what a bunch of crazed fans, who have only ever consumed Star Wars and never contributed to it, make it out to be. The essence to the Star Wars story arc, the warmth to the stories and coming of age of the characters, all lost.” – e.h.

“I would even rather watch The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith than this garbage.” – temps89

“There was nothing, new or exciting about it and as it was just a poor rehash of episode 4, it was also very predictable. Say what you may about George Lucas as a director, but at least he knew how to tell a story.

It is doubtful if I will bother with the next 2, and instead will just enjoy watching the story George Lucas gave us.”- tcomx

“Is my generation that hive minded that Disney was able to manipulate their weak minds with weeks of pre-hype and advertisement? I never joined the “the prequels aren’t good” circle-jerk bandwagon, though I never thought they were as good as the originals – their ratings on IMDb are actually fair. But I liked every single prequel movie better than The Force Awakens.” – Trokin

“Really, this whole movie is so derivative and unimaginative that I was missing the prequels. Sure, they were not the most well written masterpieces in cinema, but they expanded the universe in every installment – and this is a big universe we are talking about here. This movie plays it safe – too safe.” – John

“And I thought Jar Jar Binks was the pits for this movie series. Jeez, was I wrong.” – pontus-randen

“Episodes 1-3 were bashed for not being in par with the saga, but looking back at them from Force’s perspective – they’re near masterpieces of sci-fi action genre. I’m getting through them with my daughter now and the depth of characters, rich script full of interesting plots, well developed characters, even Christensen’s Anakin – they’re all a joy to watch. There was so much fuss when Abrams took the saga, he’d been brought up on Star Wars, he’s gonna turn it into a masterpiece people said. So far nothing indicates any of that and I fear next movies, that are probably being produced as we speak, will only get worse.” – janzjaniny

“You can definitely feel and see the absence of George Lucas. He belongs there. He is the essence and spirit of ‘Star Wars'”. – T.J.F.

“So Phantom Menace WAS A Good Movie Anyway!” – feritciva

“I’m thinking George Lucas would have done better, guys.” – jbmajzner-87228

“I am disappointed with this because it sends away George Lucas…and exists only to sell enough toys to justify Disney’s investment.” – A.D.

“This film made me miss the underrated prequels. Yes, they had their share of problems, but at least they prioritized the plot over explosions and presented some new ideas.” – Fanfictionlurker1

“I just hope, that the upcoming movies will be produced under the advice of George Lucas.” – Roxerone

“After watching it last night, I can honestly say that the critically panned Lucas prequels are better.” – ian_campbell6

“People are right to say the prequels were slightly better because at least they were trying to stay focused on the story. God only knows why with such incredible material they decided to make this movie so sloppy and boring.” – Rattigan

“Makes The Prequels Suddenly Seem Much Better (title)

This is the first Star Wars movie I’ve seen that doesn’t feel like a Star Wars movie. Not once. After watching all this, all I could think was, heck, ‘The Phantom Menace’, Jar Jar Binks and all, was vastly more original, exciting, and fun. Did I mention that it never once achieves that sense of soaring wonder and elation that even the prequels occasionally achieve? This is sad.” – bholly72

“For all the hate he gets, Lucas was a master world builder. I genuinely enjoyed the machinations of Palpatine within the Senate, the political scheming of the trade federation, and the build up to the start of the Clone Wars. It made the Star Wars universe seem so real seeing a functioning government and the power struggles within it. Abrams’ entry in the series is devoid of all of that context. And the lesser for it.” – sahmsnash

“It is my sincere belief that Kathleen Kennedy convinced George Lucas to sell to Disney with the knowledge that she would be in charge of Lucasfilm. She also had no intention of continuing Lucas’ vision and opted to use tired formulas from The Hunger Games and Harry Potter movies. The Force Awakens is an attempt to replace the first trilogy completely and start an all-new franchise under Disney. The intent is to push Lucas’ 6-film series into obscurity.” – Its-Clobberin-Time

“First Order? What the hell is that? If Lucas did something like that, it would have been in 1, 2, or 3, not way down the line like Disney. Having a group called the First Order would make the group the first. What is so ‘first’ about it since stormtroopers and sith are already established? What about the guy on the throne? He looks like something from Harry Potter. Ooh, big evil guy who wants himself to be menacing. Sidious was menacing in his own right and did not need to be gigantic. Covering his face with a hood did it all.” – CM1976

“So ‘fans’, you got everything you wanted. George Lucas, and the prequels are but a memory and you get all your original toys back, with just enough new crap to fool you into thinking your experiencing something fresh. You’ll see the next 20 Star Wars movies and you’ll get everything you begged to have, but you’ll never be surprised.

When Lucas wrote the script for A New Hope, he wasn’t trying to please anyone but himself. He wasn’t feeding a hungry mob everything they wanted, he was crafting a story that he wanted to see told on film. After 6 great chapters, he finished his story. So enjoy Disney’s Star Wars movies until the end of time, but just remember that you’re never going to see a film series so daring, ambitious, and above all, entertaining as George Lucas’ Star Wars.

George Lucas didn’t just have a part in the making of Star Wars, he CREATED it. Star Wars wasn’t a collaboration that incorporated the imaginations of many different people. It wasn’t an adaptation of someone else’s work. Star Wars is solely the product of one man’s imagination. Sure, tons of people worked on the films, but the entire Star Wars universe is George Lucas’ vision. The uniqueness of Star Wars is that it all comes from the mind of one, incredibly creative man. Episodes 1-6 are the official Star Wars story as told by the man who created it. Any other story is, by definition, an imitation. A Star Wars story without George Lucas is the same as a Dr. Seuss story without Dr. Seuss or a Harry Potter story without JK Rowling. When one person creates a universe, it belongs to them. The Force Awakens is not chapter 7 of the saga, it is chapter 1 of a corporation’s takeover of a universe created by someone else.” – jaredpahl

“A Re-Release of ‘The Phantom Menace’ Would’ve Been Better” – fadohacolu

“Even the prequels demolish this movie in plot, character building and EVEN action sequences.” – pipbison

“Clearly, long gone are the days of incredible creatures and amazing costumes (shout out to Lucas).” – K.J.

“The prequels with bad acting, terrible special effects and lack of real sets sucked yes, but at least they had a good story.” – LiveFire 1

“Honestly, I’d rather watch The Phantom Menace.” – prwalters

(I don’t know why I included this one but I like it anyway.)“I kept on kidding myself into thinking Natalie Portman would soon walk in with her commanding, powerful and mystical presence.” – rubysthom (a self-proclaimed “fierce woman” who was disappointed with Rey.)

“I always liked George Lucas and this movie makes me want to bring him back. Lucas did not make this movie so I consider it a remake, not Star Wars.” – Joe

“At least with the prequels George Lucas had the task of tying all of the plot subtleties together. What did we get? Exactly what the mindless masses wanted, A New NEW Hope.” – andyschultz-95491

“Even in The Phantom Menace and Clone Wars they at least showed/introduced a planet with its creatures combined with great music.” – vladimir-ivanov84

“I don’t know why people hated Episodes 1, 2 and 3…these movies were visually wonderful and exciting, with tons of new planets, eye-popping locations, vastness of space, robots, gadgets, cities, buildings, politics, and intrigue. Many memorable moments, real drama, crazy lightsaber fights, massive military battles, alien wildlife and much much more…they were the true and thrilling progression from Episodes 4,5, and 6.

Episode 7 has none of that. I doubt I will ever want to watch this ridiculous boring rip-off again.” – dekadent

“At no point did this film feel like a genuine Star Wars movie. Disney should consider giving Star Wars back to Lucas.” – kaledolfin

“A New Hope has pacing, galactic scope, tension building, memorable characters, and a powerful spirit. Even the flawed prequels retain scope and vision. The story arc of Episodes 1 through 6 is about the corruption of Anakin Skywalker from childhood and his eventual redemption in death through the efforts of his children. The series has not one, but two of the most memorable villains in storytelling history: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Episode 7 has none of these elements.” – WylyQuimby

“Like so many I am a massive fan of the original 3 movies and although the prequels didn’t measure up to the first 3, they did stand on their own in terms of story line and character building, but The Force Awakens was, I have to say a real disappointment.” – C.D.

“This is truly the most depressing movie ever. There’s no Lucas. No storytelling. No Force. Nothing from the previous films.

‘Hey it’s cool to have a stormtrooper pick up this weapon.’ ‘Hey this is what the fans want.’ The Big Bang loving group that have been BRAINWASHED to say Episode 1 Sucks, etc. etc. I only hope Lucas’s original vision someday comes to light, in a written form, or something. I’m POSITIVE he never imagined this ATROCITY.” – Sro100

“Even the prequels with all their faults were light years ahead of this simplistic nostalgia mosaic.” – P.K.

“While the prequels had issues with the writing, directing and acting, I always joked/thought that some people didn’t like them simply because those movies did not have X-wings, TIEs and the Falcon flying around and that some people just needed those ships flying across the screen and some lightsabers to rate a movie a great SW story. Well this movie sadly proves that point since many seem to rate this movie as good. But to me the Star Wars movies should always introduce new designs, ships, locations/ planets and story lines… That is what makes it an epic, vast space adventure.” – Betamax77

“After watching it, I realized that the prequels were not too bad, because at least they HAD A STORY to tell.” – N.G.

“No matter how much some people hate the prequels, none of them can tell me it (TFA) was better than Phantom or Clones.

I already miss George Lucas.” – desertfox1942-178-876030

“Even the previous worst Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace, is better than this because despite Jar Jar Binks it has two jedi plus a great villain who gives us the best fight sequence in a Star Wars movie to date.” – hotturkey

“I don’t consider this movie canon. Bring back George.” – H.E.

“Compare it to the last three, then this movie is absolute crap. The last three has such a huge amount of focus put into it but this one had a similar format as before, the story line was from previous movie.” – rslrsl

“Phantom Menace was better solely on the fact that it took chances.” – 46055 Dollard

“If you see beyond the big budget it is the same movie and lacking the magic of Lucas.” – N.U.

“Lacks the Lucas Heart” – B.H.

“But even the prequels had better ideas, and MUCH better music.” – j.v.

“This movie does a great disservice to the Star Wars fan base and to the unimaginably gifted and talented story telling ability/vision of George Lucas and will be remembered as such by true Star Wars fans.” – david – 69494

“But again, thank you George Lucas for giving us 6 excellent films. I wish you would put your input into episode 8 to correct what a failure episode 7 is by JJ Abrams. I want to cry for what he did to your original creation. The only thing that gets me through this horrible film is re-watching the original six.” – bobolife

” After rejecting all the ideas from George Lucas, Disney then decides to just copy episode 4 instead of actually make it into a sequel. Even the prequels were incredibly better than this. A corporate giant uses Fear (the dark side) to reject George Lucas’s ideas because they were ‘scared it would be like the prequels,’ thus guiding them away from original creativity (the force) by playing it “safe” and making it just like episode 4. The prequels were wayyyy better than this btw. – speyeralsound

“George Lucas would have never done that. He would have never killed Han Solo this way.” – abouelnouboul

“I know the Phantom Menace was bad but at least the story was original and was not affected by outside pressure.” – gandalfnog

” I don’t consider myself as a deep SW fan, but I respect the material and appreciate what Lucas created. And as far as the 3 prequels had quite cringe-worthy dialogues and unbelievable action scenes, the main story was finally more than respectable, with new twists and a Star Wars feel to it. At least some kind of a conclusion.” – sylvain-lepage

“Unlike the original trilogy (and the prequels) I will never watch this film again.” – Mos Eisley

“For me the Star Wars films are 6, and will remain 6.” – dragonbate

“Padme was arguably the most self-assured and balanced of the SW ladies. She was a strong leader, and at the same time, completely comfortable with her femininity. She felt no need to diss or embarrass the males around her in order to prove a point, and she appreciated and accepted help from whomever offered it, male or female. She also clearly enjoyed every facet of being a woman, from dressing up to eagerly anticipating motherhood. She captured the heart of heartthrob Anakin Skywalker, one of the most powerful and famous Force-users of all time and the subject of an ancient prophecy.

Rey, on the other hand, is Star Wars’ resident Mary Sue…- ccbane

“George Lucas is the father of Star Wars and should have directed Episode 7.” – mineyo

“At least in ‘Phantom Menace…they didn’t rip off ‘A New Hope’.  At least The Phantom Menace had a cooler villain in Darth Maul (and a cooler weapon…Kylo’s lightsaber is something I always thought looked dumb since I first saw the thing in pictures/trailers). And at LEAST Phantom Menace had some new music that was worth Duel of the Fates. This movie? I can’t remember ONE SINGLE PIECE OF MUSIC worth. And I liked Ewan McGregor in those flicks…and this is coming from someone who did not like the prequels.

The original 3 are easily better…but yes, I can also say that REVENGE OF THE SITH is WAY better than this crap today. I didn’t like Revenge of the Sith before but now it will get a second opinion from me.” – ivo-cobra8

“When I first saw episodes 1-3, I was a bit disappointed at first, but then I realized that I saw episodes 4-6 when I was a child and I watched 1-3 as an adult. With that in mind, I found that i actually enjoyed 1-3 more with each viewing

When I heard that they were making episodes 7-9, I was super excited. But that excitement began to falter after it was made public that Lucas would have nothing to do with the films. I mean, it’d be like JRR Tolkien was still living and Disney bought the rights to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and wanted to make a sequel, but fired Tolkien and wrote their own story. Obviously, it would not be as good and that’s exactly what has happened in this case.

This is by far and away the WORST of all the Star Wars movies. My disappointment was so profound, after the movie ended, I tossed the Blue Ray right in the garbage can, as I want this abomination out of my home.” – Mac Flagg

“There is nothing in this that wasn’t done better in the other six movies.” – diearat

“As much as you can say bad things about the prequel trilogy, at least they were f****** original.” – miclarsen

“For a STAR WARS fanatic and a huge fan of George Lucas such as myself who loves so dearly all six previous films and who truly understand the mythology and core of the saga, it was very bitter watching episode VII. Lucas’s films had heart, soul, depth and substance. Abrams especially misunderstood the core of the saga – he thinks it’s just about action, spaceships and lightsabers.

The originals and the prequels were a monument of human imagination and had great space opera like theatrical conversations, beautiful visuals and amazing music. For example one of the themes of The Phantom Menace was about letting go, about having organisms realize that they must live together and they must live together for mutual advantage. Not just humans but all living things and everything in the galaxy is part of a greater whole. That’s basically the idea of midichlorians and the Force, and the realization that Gungans and people of Naboo must live together, in this case the most unlikely character Jar Jar becomes a central figure that brings two nations together. I loved how it taught you lessons like:”Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” or the scenes with Anakin and Padmé in AOTC were touching: “Attatchment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that, we are encouraged to love.” We didn’t get any of the classic dialogue and themes that would have meaning in The Force Awakens.” – macewindu-2

“The great thing about VII, it make you miss the genius of visionary George Lucas. Even his ‘fan hated’ prequel look now like masterpieces of visual and entertaining magic.” – magalidanielsny

“George Lucas and his team would spend months if not years planning and creating new worlds and characters to discover and explore with the audience. Disney has chosen to try and make as much money as possible…Because of the exaggerated and unjust criticism of the prequel trilogy, Disney has knee jerked and tried to recreate the original movie with new characters.

So Disney if you want to cast aside the man who created this universe then please do not be upset when the fans cast you aside also. You can buy the rights to use the Star Wars logo but you can never buy the Star Wars universe because it only exists in one place, inside the mind of George Lucas.” – R.H.

“Good and bad decisions were made in the other six installments but at least they took risks. This series was good triumphs evil if you train hard enough. But now it’s been watered down so much that all you need is a light saber and “poof” you have the skills of a Jedi and can match skill for skill with a Sith apprentice.” – S.M.

“I did not like how they treated Lucas during the filming. Hope Abrams never touches another SW movie ever….let’s get James Cameron (director) and Lucas (executive producer) combo.” – lord of the rings

“I have been Star Wars fan my whole life. I have seen the trailers to this movie and thought, “Wow”. They are going to make it. They are going to create a wonderfully dark and epic fantasy story, right there where “Empire strikes Back” and “Revenge of the Sith” left off. Yes, you are reading correctly. Even Revenge of the Sith, if not even the whole Prequel trilogy was better. Why? Because seriously: Another bigger death star, a kid growing up on a desert planet again, a heavily cheesy death scene for Han Solo, a space battle showdown which happens next to the rest of the plot without triggering the slightest thrill or excitement a la “oh there is a big planet-like death star, oh now it is gone, because guess what, we flew in it and destroyed it” ?????. The prequels at least had a good story/idea (political backgrounds, sith lord manipulates the republic from the inside, chosen one falls and much more) but were often extremely badly executed. This movie looks great, but its story sucks, it is just boring and I felt ashamed while watching it for me waiting so long and expecting so much of it. – y-oswald

“I never understood people who didn’t like the prequels, I wonder what they think now… and I truly pity the new generation who discover Star Wars with this sequel.” – Aeghis

“The movie plays it safe when it clearly should not have. Star Wars movies do not play it safe. In fact Star Wars is known for being one thing: unpredictable and borderline unconventional.

This positive reception for all six movies came from the fact that they had an original story that was thought-provoking. One would be hard-pressed to find another movie about clone armies, Sith Lords with double bladed lightsabers, or a four armed robot fighting Ewan McGregor on a visually stunning world. Most importantly however, one would be very hard pressed to find a six part Saga in which a man fall from heaven’s grace and then gets his redemption. The saga has a beginning, middle, and an end and it is about the rise and fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. However, not only does episode seven not understand this, but it coldly retreads the plot of A New Hope. Not only is Anakin Skywalker barely mentioned in the movie, but we also see that peace has not been restored to the galaxy. What Return of the Jedi said is that with the emperor gone and Darth redeemed, peace would forever be restored to the galaxy. However, The Force Awakens decided to screw the ending and bring back the Darkside. Which affectively nullifies most of the Saga’s entries.” – PablothePenguin

“The note is that many people are calling JJ Abrams,  Jar Jar. That is absolutely not correct. Jar Jar was lame and stupid, but he meant well. He was well meaning. JJ is not Jar Jar. JJ is a sith who wants to destroy Star Wars the chronicle of the Jedi.” – G.J.

“Don’t get fooled by the hype, OT had some faults, but they made us ignore those faults because of the good overall story The prequels had mistakes but they related correctly to the setting, and while mirroring the sequels, told their own original story This movie is the worst of them all…” – U.Y.U.

“Disney should’ve stuck to George Lucas’s vision and script they would’ve made even more money.” – ryanplug

“I will end this nice by thanking George Lucas and ALL he has done for making these classics.

I salute you with praise.

Thanks again!” – djangozelf – 12351

My decision to post this wasn’t so that I can assume the role of new generation “basher” fan, but because I want to say “I told you so. I’ve been telling you this for the last 16 years.”

And: “be careful what you wish for.”









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