World War 1 Fantastic – Video Games

We’ve looked at The Great War through the prism of sf and fantasy with novels and TV. Today we’re going to take another twisted trip through the trenches with video games. Once again, there aren’t as many titles dealing with the subject of World War 1 as there are with its successor. But the games are there, I’ve found them, I’m going to talk about them, and maybe you’ll end up playing them.

Note: Because many games have DLCs that take place in a WW1 setting, I will address those extras for another post.  For the sake of simplicity, I’m focusing on games that strictly take place during the war, not before or after (unless if that war never ended). I will also skip games that allow you to avert the war. I also am not, repeat, am not a gamer, so I don’t know much about the technological aspect of video games, so any corrections are welcomed.

Castlevania: Bloodlines (1994)



Single-player platform

Dracula has a niece named Elizabeth Bartley, who starts World War 1 so that she can revive her long-dead uncle. In 1917 two men named Eric Lecard and John Morris join up to stop her.

NecrovisioN  (2009)


The Farm 51

First-person shooter

It’s 1916. An American volunteer named Simon Bukner is fighting for the British Army. During a counterattack against the Germans, he and his company are ambushed by machine gun fire and mustard gas. Simon collapses and wakes up in a world where he now has to fight zombies, hellhounds, demons and vampires.

Iron Storm (2002-2005)


4X Studios/Rebellion/Reef Interactive

First-person shooter

It’s 1964. The Great War is in it’s 50th year (yeesh!). You play Lt. James Anderson. Your mission: to stop Baron Nikolai Aleksandrovich von Ugenberg and his Russo-Mongolian Empire from developing nuclear weapons. And hopefully end this ongoing war once and for all.

1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg -“The Unknown War” (2011)




Kriegsgraben und Stormvogel

First-person avoider/ horror survival

This game reminds me of Alien: Isolation you have to hide from the xenomorph and stay one step ahead of it. Ditto for this game. You’re in the trenches. Your goal is to find a ladder, collect some needed items – and avoid the dinosaurs. In the trenches. Your trenches. Yes you read that right. Yes, it’s scarier than you think. You can check it out on YouTube if you’re curious.

  Do you know of any other video games with a fantastic first world war setting?


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